Tuesday, March 31, 2009

De-bugging and a little bunting talk

Crucial to having a lot of precious fabrics, wools and trims stored together is a line of defence against moths and silverfish but it is hard to find something natural that is not going to make the space a breathing hazard. I am loving these 'Botanical Bug Busters' by Western Australia's Thurlby Herb Farm. They are beautifully presented and smell delicious - such a shame to put in a cupboard!

I also love how a string of bunting can cheer up a room and the moment I started to create a sense of order in my studio I knew that I would be calling on Shannon of My Girl to make something special for the window. I was thinking retro looking oranges, greens and browns and she met the brief perfectly! This pic was taken this morning with the sun streaming in.


mygirl said...

ah you know things are getting done when it's time to put the bunting up,looks great

Spin Spin said...

Such a great photo, gosh I love your bunting. I really am going to make one, someday...and possibly also invest in some de-bugging devices - good idea!