Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dash to Bendigo

I am always reading about art exhibitions and shows when they open and will say 'better go and see that' and my success rate in actually making the time to go is pretty low. When I realised it was the last weekend of the 'Golden Age of Couture' exhibition at the Bendigo art gallery I decided this was one I couldn't afford to miss, plus I hadn't been to Bendigo since I was 11 and thought it was probably worth a weekend trip. I am so glad I went. Everyone has been raving about the Couture exhibition and with good reason as it is truly inspiring to see the works of the likes of Christian Dior up close. To see not only the level of detail in the garments but also the innovation in the use of fabric and how it can be draped was so inspiring - just the thing to charge my creative batteries!
Whilst there I also visited bob Boutique (sorry Shannon - I know you will be jealous!!) and it was a truely lovely experience. Not just because of the wonderful handmade and funky products, but also because the owner Sonia has such a passion and enthusiasm for her business that is so great to see. The website is currently being revamped but keep an eye on or even better visit the store if you can!

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mygirl said...

OMG,awesome,LUCKY DUCK, been trying to get onto the website for a couple of weeks