Sunday, November 30, 2008

Flight of Fancy

I immediately fell in love with this fabric and it was the perfect match for these red chopsticks that I have had for while but were never quite right for anything I was creating. Which makes me ponder that designing is sometimes like match making. A lonely little button can sit in a jar for years just waiting for that right project to come along then it can live happily ever after with its fabric soul mate - or is that just a flight of fancy?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Market 3031

Yesterday's weather could be described as 'interesting' to say the least but I braved a 9 degree temp and pouring rain to make my way to Market 3031 in Kensington and I am so pleased I did as I saw some great crafts and met some lovely and talented Melbourne designers including...

Lauren Williams Handmade Jewellery (love the necklace/brooches)

Metremade (Ikea furniture need not be boring!!)

Auntie Cookie (so great to finally see in person!)

Ink and Spindle (hoping that we will soon be 'neighbours'!)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friends appearing at

I have finally had time to sit and add some new things to the lyssy may shopping site and am excited to announce that you can now buy Shannon's Bushka Babi softies online as well as some of the fabulous texile accessories created by Silke from Kaffee Studio. These handmade products were such wonderful additions to my products in Morningside that I wanted to continue to support these talented designers and have their work available to Lyssy May customers. I hope to be adding more products and designers over time.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Red-dy Steady Go

Whilst my blogging has been quiet for a month, Lyssy May has been a hive of activity behind the scenes with a new look website and product range just around the corner. Since my last entry when I was leaving Morningside I have moved to Melbourne and whilst I haven't ventured far as at yet because I have been setting up a new home, I did take a wander through the Hawthorn townhall craft markets yesterday. It is always so heartening to see crafty people of all ages and styles gathered in the one spot and this monthly market has some real treasures. I spied a stall belonging to Chien and her mother, Tonki who is visiting from Malaysia. They were selling handmade baskets made from recycled magazines and I was so impressed with how sturdy and beautifully made their designs are. I snapped up the one above for a Christmas present. It is sitting in my lounge room at the moment along with my 1960's sewing box and Cath Kidston mushroom pincushion. A nice little red ensemble to brighten my day - I just have to be strong willed enough to actually hand it over at Christmas!!