Friday, November 21, 2008

Friends appearing at

I have finally had time to sit and add some new things to the lyssy may shopping site and am excited to announce that you can now buy Shannon's Bushka Babi softies online as well as some of the fabulous texile accessories created by Silke from Kaffee Studio. These handmade products were such wonderful additions to my products in Morningside that I wanted to continue to support these talented designers and have their work available to Lyssy May customers. I hope to be adding more products and designers over time.


mygirl said...

oh Lys it looks awesome,the pic of the two girls together looks fantastic,very inspired to put my head down...and a new banner,you have been busy,looks beautiful!

Alyssa said...

Thanks Shannon - that pic wasn't even properly set up and turned out the best of all of them as they look like they are having a bit of a gossip! Thanks for noticing the new banner - had designed that a while back and thought it would be a nice way to revamp the blog page.