Tuesday, March 31, 2009

De-bugging and a little bunting talk

Crucial to having a lot of precious fabrics, wools and trims stored together is a line of defence against moths and silverfish but it is hard to find something natural that is not going to make the space a breathing hazard. I am loving these 'Botanical Bug Busters' by Western Australia's Thurlby Herb Farm. They are beautifully presented and smell delicious - such a shame to put in a cupboard!

I also love how a string of bunting can cheer up a room and the moment I started to create a sense of order in my studio I knew that I would be calling on Shannon of My Girl to make something special for the window. I was thinking retro looking oranges, greens and browns and she met the brief perfectly! This pic was taken this morning with the sun streaming in.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Magnolia Square Market

I am so disappointed to miss out on the Magnolia Square market that's currently on at Malvern Town Hall - I have only just realised it finishes Saturday and my only day free to go is Sunday. The next one at Brighton however is firmly in the diary. Have fun if you are going!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

30 something and over it

Have you ever woken up and realised that you didn’t want to go to work? I don’t mean you had a big night and wanted to sleep in, or you’ve got a boring day of meetings ahead of you that you can’t be bothered sitting through. I’m talking about being over it – completely and utterly over it.

A couple of week's ago I had the pleasure of meeting Kasey Edwards at her Melbourne book launch. This talented author has just released her first book, '30 something and over it' which is a must read for all disillusioned generation X'ers!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wallpaper wallets: finally here!

Its been a while since I first experimented with the vintage wallpaper wallets but they are finally available online. Each is lined with a page from my collection of 1970's craft magazines which makes them an extra special limited edition. There are 7 designs and don't ask me to choose a favourite!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dash to Bendigo

I am always reading about art exhibitions and shows when they open and will say 'better go and see that' and my success rate in actually making the time to go is pretty low. When I realised it was the last weekend of the 'Golden Age of Couture' exhibition at the Bendigo art gallery I decided this was one I couldn't afford to miss, plus I hadn't been to Bendigo since I was 11 and thought it was probably worth a weekend trip. I am so glad I went. Everyone has been raving about the Couture exhibition and with good reason as it is truly inspiring to see the works of the likes of Christian Dior up close. To see not only the level of detail in the garments but also the innovation in the use of fabric and how it can be draped was so inspiring - just the thing to charge my creative batteries!
Whilst there I also visited bob Boutique (sorry Shannon - I know you will be jealous!!) and it was a truely lovely experience. Not just because of the wonderful handmade and funky products, but also because the owner Sonia has such a passion and enthusiasm for her business that is so great to see. The website is currently being revamped but keep an eye on http://www.bob.net.au/ or even better visit the store if you can!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Little Jane St and Ruby 2 Go Go

Going back to my purchases from the Brisbane YDM at Southbank from the week before last is this beautiful 'patchwork' print by Little Jane St which I have used to adorn the door of my fabric cupboard at the studio. Alarna creates clever collage style designs in her cards.

I also couldn't resist a card from Ruby to Go Go whose 'Brisbane Kitsch' style is a winner. Fond memories of trips to the Big Pineapple as a kid meant that the Pineapple Princess design leapt out at me. I have stuck it up on my inspiration board in my studio (below). You can take the girl out of Queensland...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still in stitches

More purchases from the Melbourne Stitches and Craft - above Featherstitch Fantail brooch by Brid bird - these are so gorgeous - purchased from the Thread Den stand.

Beautiful 1950's biscuit tin filled with gorgeous inspiration from Tinnie Girl . These are the perfect gift for crafty folks.

Minnie May models upcycled 'scarf necklace' by bodyparts. Whilst I am a little nervous at impending extended winter mix coming my way in Melbourne I have to admit the idea of wearing this cheers me up!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Stitches and Craft

The lovely Thea has been in town for the Stitches and Craft show where she had a stand as part of the incubator section. So much talent was on display and Thea's fashion and fabrics were an instant hit with the Melbourne crowd and I had fun helping her out a few hours a day. As tiring as such an event can be we shared a lot of laughs and met some wonderful crafters . I bought some goodies which I will again share in coming posts (I also haven't finished the Brisbane YDM show and tell yet!).

One thing that I saw that truly was amazing and an obvious labour of love was this beautiful selvedge dress by Jodie of Ric Rac. To see a photo is one thing but to view her work in person was such highlight of the Show for me. I also purchased one or 2 goodies from her stand but am keeping that under wraps as people who read this blog will be getting them!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More shopping!...

A highlight of the YDM on Sunday was to catch up with Nicole from Hot Toffee. I used to have the luxury of having her glass fused jewellery tempt me on a daily basis when it was in my store so to see her range glinting in the warm sunlight was a special treat.

I immediately looked for a new pair of lolly studs which are my favourites as they are just so easy and simple to wear (ended up with both a red and a black pair). Nicole's stall was next to Rowie Designs from Byron Bay where I was immediately taken with a simple black dress with an interesting turned down neckline in contrasting grey fabric - like the collar pictured below. I liked the idea of co-ordinating the dress with red so also added one of the Rowie Designs shrugs to complete the look - her website is still underconstruction but you can view Rowie's designs via their facebook group or myspace page.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Keeping calm in a shopping frenzy

I visited Brisbane on the weekend and had the pleasure of being a customer at the Young Designers Market at Southbank and it was so much fun to be on the other side of the trestle table and catching up with my friends. I ended up shopping my way down the stalls that were there and one purchase was a fabulous new shopper by fellow bag designer, Jaime Beattie. Jaime's quirky take on the 'economic crisis' will make you smile. I will share more of my delightful purchases over the coming days (let's say there were quite a few!!).

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Recycling history

It really is amazing how connections are made in the crafty world. For example, Cathy from Peg and Kate saw that Nicole from Hot Toffee had one of my recycled wallets and she contacted me about using the pages of a Queensland Times newspaper from September 1930 to create some customised wallets. Whilst a very delicate paper to work worth given its age, the pages were so interesting to read and the advertisements have such lovely drawings even though some of their claims seem a little outlandish with the benefit of hindsight. I love to work with customers to create something special. Thanks Cathy for passing on such a fun project!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New employee

Meet Minnie-May. Today was her first day at Lyssy May and whilst she was pretty quiet I think she will fit right in. I have long wanted to have a mannequin to use for display and photography and I am very pleased with the latest addition to the team. Minnie's first big job will be to help out Thea on her Incubator stand at the Melbourne Stitches and Craft show next week. I am sure Thea will have something gorgeous for her to wear!