Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chalk it Up

Since the last kitchen post there's been a few more changes! A floating shelf has been added to the alcove (less than $30 from Bunnings) but also a touch of chalkboard paint in Grasshopper ($23 for a small tin from Porters) on one wall is a handy brightener. The calendar was a find in NYC at the American Folk Art Museum which has instructions on the reverse side of each month on how to make the pages into little trinket boxes.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Free Shipping

Lucky for some!
Head over to our Facebook page for details on how to receive a free postage offer for Friday the 13th. x

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kitsch in the Kitchen Lyssy May was meant to be doing her book keeping but instead decided to play in her new kitchen. Well, the kitchen isn't new (it is indeed very tired), and if you were thinking that sounds like a day of blissful cooking - wrong again. Lyssy May's idea of play is to potter for hours  arranging knick knacks. 

A new sleek kitchen is envisaged however until the lotto Gods descend to pay for a renovation the interim solution is to have a little fun with the space to unleash some hyper-sweet accents to brighten it up. Fortunately pretty bits and pieces are not in shortage from years of collecting and receiving gifts that people knew were just a little bit Lyssy May!
Cath Kidston china with Womens Weekly Retro Cookbook
(the book was a fabulous score for Xmas!)
Fridges can be quite boring - have dressed mine up with a tea towel bought at the Imperial War Museum in London about 10 years ago. They also had the 'Keep Calm' ones - who knew back then it would have such a resurgence!
The kitchen has a little nook that has no end of possibilities when I finally redesign it. In the meantime have popped a chair in the corner and hanging above it is a gingham apon my mother made at school which she also embroidered - when I was little I used to wear it for play - now I quite like it for display!
Even the top of the fridge is not safe! Bison bowls and a favourite cow money box have found a new home for the moment along with a shopper I bought from Esprit years ago - still going strong!
And this is the start of the top of the side buffet in the living area - a lot more demure! I don't think it will stay like this but I've never before had the chance to properly display this retro coffee set that I rescued from nearly going into a garage sale many years ago. My mother bought it before she was married and used to buy a piece every week with her wage - the story was too good for me to lose just as much as the set itself!