Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still in stitches

More purchases from the Melbourne Stitches and Craft - above Featherstitch Fantail brooch by Brid bird - these are so gorgeous - purchased from the Thread Den stand.

Beautiful 1950's biscuit tin filled with gorgeous inspiration from Tinnie Girl . These are the perfect gift for crafty folks.

Minnie May models upcycled 'scarf necklace' by bodyparts. Whilst I am a little nervous at impending extended winter mix coming my way in Melbourne I have to admit the idea of wearing this cheers me up!


Candice Herne said...

Cool! it cheers me up to

Bridget Farmer said...

Hi there! It's always nice to see who buys which fantail. I hope You and your little blue bird have a long and happy life together!