Thursday, September 3, 2009


As mentioned before, my transportation needs rely on a mix of public transport and the fabulous flexicars. Locals are often sympathetic that I have to deal with the Melbourne transport system but I have to admit that I am a massive fan of the tram and even find the trains pretty good on balance (but I rarely take them on at peak hour!). I love the flexibility that the trams offer and they make it a lot easier if you live in the inner city to cope without wheels and help reduce a little of my carbon footprint (although nothing beats my favourite mode of transport - the City Cat!).

Having to always be in posession of a tram ticket I have added another cardholder design as part of the metro range which features the handmade map button. Get on board!


Beach Vintage said...

I love the Melbourne Trams. Pity Brisbane got rid of there system years ago. Nice buttons.

Lyssy May said...

Definitely Simone - there is something about the feel that trams give the city!