Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Flexible Friend

I like to think I am doing my bit for the world by not putting another car on the road. I sold my car in 2000 before I went overseas and just never got around to getting another one. Sure, it can be tough relying on public transport but I am very excited about the idea of carsharing that is available in Melbourne. Above is my local Flexicar, Goldilocks. I take her out when I have some major zipping around to do and when I don't need her, I happily enjoy the trams and trains where I can sit with a book and an ipod and let someone else worry about the traffic.


SewHum said...

good for you!

Ange B said...

How fantastic! What a novel idea...ok now the questions...what happens if you have a prang? Do you have to clean it? Do they check your driving history? I am blown away! Wow!
Its back to summer days and cool mornings here in Brisvegas Elissa, hows Melbourne? Looks great from your blog.
Take care you
Ange and Sophie

Lyssy May said...

Hey ladies- so great to hear from you! It really is the best system - you pay a fee to join that covers your insurance (just up for excess I think) and then choose a monthly plan to go on (sort of like a mobile phone plan), it includes all your petrol (there are petrol cards in the car), you don't have to clean it (just make sure you leave it nice inside with at least 1/4 tank petro) and you have to have supply a drivers history. The most amazing bit though is you go online and book it and then you just rock up to the car and swipe a card across the windscreen and the doors pop open and the keys are inside - very high tech! I did see a story once promoting something similar in Bris but not sure if it ever took off. Melbourne is going great! x