Sunday, April 19, 2009

Metro girl

Many moons ago fellow designer, Heather Meyer (of buttons by heather) and I had a conversation about using street maps (like I had been recycling as wallets) as buttons. After much collaboration and experimentation the buttons are now available on the metro girl range. I love supporting local designers and suppliers which is also great for reducing the 'carbon footprint' on how far they've travelled to reach me and Heather is such a wonderful talent (I am very lucky that she is also currently moving into Ironside Studios and so the conversations can continue flow about ideas for bespoke buttons).


Meg said...

Wow, how novel! These are so gorgeous!

Lyssy May said...

Thanks Meg! The ideas are definitely endless...its button heaven!

Beach Vintage said...

These buttons are so lovely and so very different from any button I have seen. Congratulations.