Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Just a note to salute the humble 'seam ripper' or 'quick unpick' as I have always called them (that's what they were called in grade 8 home economics). Quite often I reach for this sewing tool when I am at my crankiest because I have just stitched something wrongly so its probably nowhere near as celebrated as it should be. The best one that I have ever used is by Clover (pictured) and is available at all good craft and sewing shops - the cheapie ones just don't cut it I'm afraid!


mygirl said...

ahhh yes are'nt they just great! Finlay was just sitting by myside looking for something to unpick, just for the sake of it. So I sent her under the sink for a rag,she was very pleased with the speed of my new unpicker,as my old one is dead

Lyssy May said...

Yes - we can't live with out them (at least I can't when my my mind is wandering and my machine isn't co-operating). That is a good skill to train Finlay on!!