Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Partying on

I am now back in Melbourne having avoided being 'dusted in' by 24 hours. My last few days in Brisbane were just lovely - one highlight being the Racecourse Road Street Party and catching up with Shannon of My Girl (see here for her wrap up). It was great to see all the beautiful things created by Shannon and the other BrisStyle crafters and designers. I was particularly smitten with the fabulous creations of Sandrine (histoire de soiehi) and couldn't resist placing an order as a treat for myself!
The day before I'd continued my gift shopping odyssey and managed a trip to Paddington to see my newest stockist there - Four Hearts in Latrobe Terrace (opp Spoon). You must pop in to see Debbie if you are over that way - she has in stock some chopstick designs as well as some peacock print designs plus the popular little miss designs.

I am now back to the sewing machine and catching up with what's been happening in my absence. Thanks to all my beautiful Brisbane friends for the chance to relax and have a chat and to Brisbane itself for putting on its reliable glorious sunshine - fortunately I arrived back to a lovely spring afternoon yesterday so the transition back to Melb weather wasn't too shocking!


mygirl said...

so great to see your smiling face, even if it wasn't for long. Hope your singy fitted you, it will look so cute on you. Was thinking after I got my brain back:) that we barely touched the surface on catching up, as you could probably tell when you said you were leaving,blah,blah,blah.... But anyway that lady turned out to be an awesome customer,not only buying 2 bushka friends but ordering another, so she will be off to Sydney soon. The new design is a winner,yay!
xxoo always

Sandrine said...

You just left before the sunshine disappeared!You might have taken with you;)Nice to hear that you made it back safely to your sewing table ;)Thanks and I am very honoured that you like my creations ;)

Thea said...

Yeah, today's dust storm was crazy. I could smell the dust on me.

I must check out this new store. One of Sandrine's creations is on my wish list too.