Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Springing into action

Hello! I'm here - I've just been doing lovely Melbourne things like shopping, eating and keeping warm (with a little sewing thrown in).

Shopping: Victoria Mason jewellery. I picked up a cute pair of Nice biscuit earrings at one of my favourite haunts, Little Salon.
Eating: Like puddings? My friend Amanda and I discovered the BEST sticky date pudding at Kojo Brown, Richmond. We actually hyped it to the point where Nicky insisted we stop by there on the way home from a night out for her to pass her own judgement. Here the girls are after midnight (note that its never too late for a cup of tea!).

Sewing: Well, not just sewing but also having fun working on a new range of brooches. Here's a sneak peak at the 'Pattern Girls'. These ones pictured can be found exclusively at Punch Gallery, Balmain.
Back soon - promise!


Beach Vintage said...

I love these new brooches Alyssa. Wonderful.

Nicole said...

I love Victoria Mason's jewellery! It's great to see you are squeezing in some fun amongst your sewing x

Lyssy May said...

Thanks Simone - the new brooches definitely are a bit of fun and there are lots of ideas I am still to bring to life.

Nicole - I can only agree - I was so torn on what to choose in the 'domestic' range and think I will have to add to the collection!

Thea said...

Oooh, I like Pattern Girls