Saturday, February 28, 2009

Farewell summer

When I was in highschool it was decidedly uncool to be into crafts and my friend Kirsty and I were secretly heading off to Stitches and Craft shows and indulging in cross stitch and patchwork on the weekends (crazy days indeed). At the time we seriously considered where knitting lay in our priorities and decided that we would start to cast on when we turned 30.

Well the 30 milestone has passed and I am still yet to embrace knitting as much as I'd love to - maybe a winter in Melbourne will do the trick? If I did decide to take it up I'd definitely be seeking a needle holder from Cath Kidston and a pattern book from Rowan which as anyone knows whose been to the knitting section at Liberty is where the wool is to die for! (p.s. just saw the new Liberty women's and accessories halls that have just been unveiled - somebody get me on a plane!!). Picture of their 'scarf hall' below...

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