Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Humpty back together again

Today was a big milestone as my industrial sewing machine was delivered to the studio. I had it moved by a professional as many of you know the story about my poor Zoje which was dropped off the back of the removals truck in Brisbane. It really is amazing it survived as I can still hear the sickening sound it made as it crashed on my driveway and the whole machine came unhinged from the table. Miraculously it has made it to its new home and with some TLC it is back in business.

Here is a first look at how I am setting things up. At the end of my space is a beautiful big warehouse window. It had been completely painted over but with the help of Laura and Jem at Ironside it has been transformed to let in lots of light. I am still working on how to best configure the space as it is as large as my whole store in Morningside (24 sq mtrs) so what I once used for both retail and designing and making will primarily be a designer space which is such a luxury. There will be a display area of the range for my open studio days and customer appointments (this is yet to be tidied so no pics yet!).

The bench in the middle of the room almost didn't come with me. It was made by my Grandad Milton over 20 years ago and had been sitting in my garage for ages having been 'inherited' when my parents downsized for retirement. At the last minute I decided to bring it with me and my father kindly gave it a coat of white paint. I am so glad I did as it is the perfect height for me to cut fabrics or pack orders. My Grandad used it as a woodworking bench so I really like the fact that I am continuing the tradition to use it for a creative pursuit.


mygirl said...

oh Lyssy you must be so excited to have your mac back. This space looks amazin' And that window nice and bright just how ya like it:) Have fun .... cant wait to c ya

djbebe said...

it looks great! can't wait to see it full of projects!

Thea said...

What a great space and the window is wonderful. I'm certain the new studio will inspire great things!