Friday, February 27, 2009

Take a peack

Many moons ago (so it seems) Thea and Sami had a conversation with Lyssy May about creating some bespoke fabric designs and after a lot of excited email exchanges I am happy to announce that the beginnings of the collaboration are now available in the form of either the denim satchel above or cord tote below.

My brief to Thea was - 'something with peacocks and a retro feel' and the design she created was spot on and way beyond my expectations! I have more designs to come using a larger single placement print of the design but I really do love the repeat created with the birds facing each other and their tails overlapping. The denim satchel is a fave of mine in the collection as I love the way Thea has printed on the reverse of the denim which I then used for the flap.

The tote is in black and red cord which Thea experimented with using to great effect. The bag above has a panel strip on one side and is in all its repeat glory on the opposite side. Visit the latest collection page at Lyssy May to click on either design for more details.


Thea said...

Perhaps I'm a little biased but I think the peacock bags are fabulous! I can't wait to get a denim carrier for me. x

mygirl said...

How cool,ya clever chicks,so excited to see the new range

Anonymous said...

These look great! Well done.