Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Walk in the Past

Yesterday at Lyssy May I changed the window display to feature this 1970's pram that I bought at a Woolloongabba Antique shop a few years ago with no real idea at the time how I would use it but knew I couldn't leave it behind. Since owning my store it has come in handy a number of times and for this display I have teamed it up with the cute new girl's floral wellington boots and matching umbrella. I like to see people pause at the window and smile at the obviously happy childhood memories the pram evokes.

(Please excuse the pic for its window reflection of glamorous Wynnum Road!!)

1 comment:

mygirl said...

Did a drive by today and the window looks gorgeous. If that does'nt draw a crowd,I don't know what will. Also have had so many comments on my wallet,nearly every time I pull it out. Don't worry am always quick to tell them where they're from;)