Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Clutching at Bags

I have never been into clutch designs much (my philosophy is that it is too difficult to negotiate a drink in one hand and a canape in the other with a bag wedged under one arm). But on Friday afternoon I discovered a bag of upholostery samples that my aunty in Melbourne gave me when I first started making bags about 5 years ago. Well it just so happens they are the perfect size for small clutch bags so I have sewn them with denim to dress them down a little and the result is a little collection of designs that are now at Lyssy May's store. I will hopefully have them also on display at my stall this Sunday at the Young Designer Market at Southbank. The markets are a great concept that is growing with each successive event so be sure to swing by to check out some of Brisbane's latest designer gear!

1 comment:

mygirl said...

they look great,can definatly see them taking off. WOW that market came round quick, lucky I didnt apply,so not ready,maybe next time. Really hope to come and see ya though,depending if sports are on, dad could always take them;)