Tuesday, June 17, 2008

High Societea

I often feel left out the cold in the world of 'lattes and skinny caps' as I just can't seem to handle coffee (although I can eat buckets of coffee cake). But yesterday I was in my element as I went to one of my favourite places in Brisbane, High Societea at Clayfield - it is there that tea reigns supreme. This was my third visit and not only did I indulge in a beautifully presented high tea but I also was there as part of a group of ladies lucky enough to be invited by Thea of (Thea and Sami) to talk about her plans for her upcoming ranges and the exciting things happening in the eco-fashion industry. The conversation was stimulating, the cakes and savouries were spot on, and the tea ...sublime!


mygirl said...

Ahh tea, I feel ya on that one, I too am not in the coffee crowd, So glad to have a friend in you that can relate to that pongy after coffee taste. But imagine what we would produce in 24hrs if we did drink it.ha!

Alyssa said...

that's so true Shannon - my energy boosts rely on chocolate which I think is no where near as effective as coffee but then again I think much more delicious.