Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fair-ly busy

Oh Lyssy May - what a mess! At the moment I am in full design mode preparing a new collection so fabric and trims are strewn from one end of the studio to the other - heaps of fun! The time pressure is on as I will hope to preview the collection at the Life InStyle trade fair here in Melbourne at the end of July. I visited the fair last year looking for goodies for my store and was overwhelmed by the quality of the products on display and it is always fun to see what the stores will be buying for the Christmas gifting season. I am very excited to be attending as an exhibitor this year.

Trade fairs are a lot of work with long days on your feet but it is a great way to reach a number of potential stockists in a concentrated period of time. I have attended a couple previously and they were both draining and rewarding - if you are looking to expand into wholesale I recommend checking out to see if its something for you.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Petrina's Wedding

When one of my most favourite customers and handbag devotees, Petrina, announced she was getting married I was very excited for her. Then she announced she was having handbags instead of flowers and that she wanted me to design them and excitement grew to a little panic - I mean these bags had a very important role in her big day! Luckily Petrina is the most relaxed of clients (not a 'bridezilla' bone in her body - even though I upped and moved to Melbourne in the middle of making them!) and it proved to be a fun project.

Petrina supplied the silk that her bridesmaids dresses were made from and we went with gathered flowers and lots of beads (of course the bride had extra special beading and extra flowers but the bridesmaids still had some sparkle).

These are the first pics of the stunning bride and her beautiful day that I've just seen and I think the idea of bags instead of flowers is a winner - look how beautifully it matches her shoes....
Whilst of course I am thrilled with how the bags worked with everything - I was blown away by the cake being decorated in a replica of the bag - how adorable!

And what a beautiful Brisbane day...congratulations Petrina and Daniel!

(photography by Silver Rose )

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Feeling sheepish

Just added to - 2 new '12 bags full' original designs, including bale 7 (above) which is a lovely brightener to a winter wardrobe with its 2 large handmade lilac buttons.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

La Bella Donna

My former fellow Morningside trader, Anna, from the fabulous vintage and pre-loved designer garment store La Bella Donna is now stocking a selection of Lyssy May designs. Included in her selection are the 2 clutches above which are made from recycled 1970's curtain fabric and I think will be perfect to compliment her eclectic range which I used to love browsing through when I put the 'back in 5' sign on the door (which often turned into a 'back in 35' and a few outfits later!).

You can find La Bella Donna at 643 Wynnum Road Morningside (Queensland). Ph. (07) 3399 2124.

(p.s. more clutches will soon be released as part of our new collection!).

Monday, June 15, 2009

Winners announcement

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who left their beautiful words in the giveaway and I am thrilled that Lyssy May has some new friends!

Giveaway #1 was drawn by assigning all entries a consecutive number and then randomly generating a number on (no. 13)....the lucky winner is 'Julie' - yay!

Giveaway #2 - this was so beautifully entered by 3 fabulous mentors to the next generation in creating handmade goodies and so Candy, Shannon and Chelsey will all be receiving a handmade brooch

Giveaway #3 - this is sooo hard but the winner is Candy whose beautiful line of 'what's in your bag is in your heart' won me over.

I hope you enjoy your goodies ladies and I will be sure not to leave it so long until I next offer some little treasures in a giveaway. x

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shannon's giveaway entry

Another gorgeous entry for the giveaway just received from Shannon of My Girl - thanks Shannon for taking the time to put such a beautiful contribution together for each category! (NB: I feel a bit self conscious about posting the last words but its very nice to have such a kind thing said about oneself that maybe it will encourage readers to tell someone today how much they mean to them to brighten their day just like mine was).

Shannon's entry...

In my Bag..., I'm never without my trusty vintage wallpaper wallet...(well a bag in it's own right) I love my wallet to death as you can tell by the pics. I get so many comments on my trusty companion. I say companion,cause she has been known to hold my keys,mobile phone and a 1001 cards (that I seem to accumulate on my travels) all at the same time when I seem to have my hands full on my op shopping trips.
So now I try and have two of your vintage wallets on hand,my very first one I purchased(for biz cards) and the wallpaper one for day to day importance (money!)

For the little miss...
I am forever trying to teach my girls the importance of handmade,especially in these fast paced times,from cooking handmade to gardening and yes I would love to say sewing,but we all know that can be a little difficult at times when you have orders to sew yourself, but I am trying.

and last but not least...
Why I love you....
What is there not to love, you rock girl.
You are an inspiration to me every single day.
You helped me realise my dream and supported me along the way, and for that I am forever grateful.
You are always there for me when I need help.
And most of all you are part of the handmade revolution, bringing beautiful back into these crazy mass production times.
You are unique,inspiring,wonderful,giving person Lyssy...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Christy with the Chrysanthemums

Having once worked in a florist shop I have a love-hate relationship with Chrysanthemums (this is mainly due the buckets and buckets of them you have to 'boil' leading up to Mother's Day). But I feel the flower redeems itself in this new wallpaper wallet just added to

Perhaps a favourite to enter in the giveaway? (please note it has been extended a few days to allow for email entries that I have been promised!).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Woodland walk

Just added to - Woodland Walk tote incorporating hemp/cotton organic denim and handmade buttons and featuring a panel of a sweet romantic floral.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Candy's giveaway entry

I have just received the most beautiful entry to my blog giveaway from the talented Candy that I think deserves its own special posting - thanks Candy!

Her entry for giveaway 2:

My entry is Rhody makes his first bag made on my sewing machine. Rhody is 4, he made the bag out of an old pillow case. I folded the fabric and he sewed the whole bag and ebellished it with metallic card and wool. Too cute!

Candy's entry for giveaway 3:

My entry is What's in your bag, is in your heart. I love you because you follow your heart and work hard to maintain your dream. I bought your oil cloth wallet last year at Lyssy May's Think Pink Party, I love it because it matches my business cards. I use it to put my business cards in and others that I collect.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One day... there was a give away!!

It's June, which means that I missed celebrating Lyssy May's 6th birthday in May. She's old enough to be in school!! In 2003 I launched this little handbag label in my parent's lounge room (pic below of some of the display - note the one bag shape made a million different ways!). That day I was surrounded by my wonderful supportive friends and family - thank you to all of you for continuing to nurture little Lyssy.

Anyway, cue an Oprah's a GIVE-A-WAY...GIVE-A-WAY*, PEOPLE! (let's all scream, jump up and down and hug the person next to us).

Now I also missed doing this on my 100th post (you'd think I'd had handbags to design or something with all this ignorance of milestones) I am going a triple treat and hopefully you'd love to enter one or all of the groups - its up to you.

Giveaway 1 - something from 'in my bag'

To enter please leave a comment on what your current favourite design is on and you will get your pick of one item from the 'in my bag' range. This will be drawn at random. You might like to choose a vintage wallpaper wallet...

Giveaway 2 - something for a little miss

I learnt to 'sew' using cardboard lace cards when I was 3 and would love to hear from mums, aunties, grandmas, godmothers and other fabulous women about how they are passing on their skills in handmade things to the younger generation (doesn't have to be sewing - can be cooking, drawing etc). My favourite 3 responses will each receive one of the new handmade felt brooches...

Giveaway 3 - tell me why you love me (or kinda like me)

I want to hear from Lyssy May customers both near and far! If you own a Lyssy May bag or product tell me why/how/when you received it and if its meant something special to you and/or your wardrobe. I don't mind if its not actually made by Lyssy May - it could even be anything that you once bought or received from the Brisbane store like a piece of jewellery, a scarf etc.

You are welcome to separately email me an entry such as a pic with your item and can be creative with your answer (with the proviso that you give consent for me to post your entry here on the blog). The best response (as judged by me with a panel of experts) will win... their choice of ANY Lyssy May bag or product currently on the website. That's right - a free handbag to any value! So dig out that bag you might have picked up at one of my handbag parties or the markets back in the day and lets reminisce a little.

I think I have now celebrated in style. Good luck!
Alyssa xx

*Deadline extended due to requests to be able to put some creative entries together!!! Entries close 6 pm (AEST) Monday, 15th June, 2009 and winners will be notified asap!
*I am happy to post out all items anywhere in the world for free
*Whilst you are visiting you may want to sign up for the handbag circle to receive a 20% off discount offer.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Friends of a feather

The peacock handprinted collection has just gained 2 new members. Pia and Patricia are handbags with a certain sense of confidence! Thanks to the brilliant Thea for working with me on this collaboration.