Thursday, June 4, 2009

Candy's giveaway entry

I have just received the most beautiful entry to my blog giveaway from the talented Candy that I think deserves its own special posting - thanks Candy!

Her entry for giveaway 2:

My entry is Rhody makes his first bag made on my sewing machine. Rhody is 4, he made the bag out of an old pillow case. I folded the fabric and he sewed the whole bag and ebellished it with metallic card and wool. Too cute!

Candy's entry for giveaway 3:

My entry is What's in your bag, is in your heart. I love you because you follow your heart and work hard to maintain your dream. I bought your oil cloth wallet last year at Lyssy May's Think Pink Party, I love it because it matches my business cards. I use it to put my business cards in and others that I collect.


mygirl said...

love this photo of Rhody, and what a wonderful mother giving her creative time to help Rhody with this project

Lyssy May said...

Couldn't agree more!