Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Christy with the Chrysanthemums

Having once worked in a florist shop I have a love-hate relationship with Chrysanthemums (this is mainly due the buckets and buckets of them you have to 'boil' leading up to Mother's Day). But I feel the flower redeems itself in this new wallpaper wallet just added to lyssymay.com.

Perhaps a favourite to enter in the giveaway? (please note it has been extended a few days to allow for email entries that I have been promised!).


mygirl said...

oh dear, i'm in love:)

Beach Vintage said...

It's beautiful.

Nicole said...

it's so pretty

mygirl said...

just gave the servo chickee one of your cards, she liked my purse:)going to have to stock my money purse with your cards for those special moments:)