Friday, October 23, 2009

Rainbow connection

I recently attended a lunch where the guest speaker was kikki.K founder Kristina Karlsson. I was reminded of her obsession with stationery when I emptied a rainbow of coloured pencils onto my table to work on some new design sketches this morning. There is just something so yum about pencils and the promise of beautifully bound notebook. I totally knew where she was coming from and it was refreshing to hear how the success of her business continues to be driven by her personal passion for quality stationery design. I thought of how this also is how I feel about fabrics, ribbons, threads, buttons (and well, any old bit of habby really). When the 'business' side of business gets overwhelming sometimes it is nice to quietly return to why I am here in the first place - I know there are a few of you who feel the same! x

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Spin Spin said...

I got the textas out this morning and yep, FUN! More play, less business I say.