Friday, October 9, 2009

Open studio

I am looking foward to tomorrow! I have been clearing out my fabric tubs plus I have a few little odds and ends left from my shop days at bargain prices plus of course everyone is welcome to drop by just to talk handbags! I will be there from 10 til 2 - just ring the door bell and I am in studio 1 - first on the left. Hope to see a few locals there! x

Ironside Studios - 4 Chelmsford St, Kensington

Fabric remnants - fill a bag for $10!

Lyssy May is ready for visitors!


Sandrine said...

Hope you have a fab day, the pics look gorgeous love that big door!Let me know when you get your parcel;)

clare said...

OH PooP!!! I missed that one!! Bet there were plenty of visitoes. I must add a link to my blog so I don't miss out again. Love Your BaGs!

clare said...

WHaT Toes??? Sorry, That should say visitors of course.