Monday, February 8, 2010

Lipp Service

Things have been a little lack lustre in blog world as I put the finishing touches on my new collection. All will be unveiled very soon! In addition to designing I have also had fun revamping my studio space of late. I couldn't wait to hang this beautiful illustration I bought from lipp design (my talented neighbour at a pre-Xmas market). A girl on a mission with a teapot and a handbag -what could be more Lyssy May? This lovely lady now now sits above the workbench for inspiration.
Also helping the creative juices are fresh flowers, jars on newly installed shelves and a stack of heirloom pincushions (my favourite is the hexagonal hand patchwork one made by my mother in the retro print).


yardage girl said...

Hello! I can't wait to see your space! I was at the studio yesterday, but didn't see your light on. Maybe Wednesday? Nicole

Nicole said...

It makes me want to jump on a plane and come visit for a cup of tea and a chat in your lovely studio..!