Thursday, February 25, 2010

big decisions from a little time

Today is a day I've been putting off - lack of storage plus a high amount of sentimentality spells disaster when deciding which childhood toys are to be kept, which are for charity and which realistically need to be binned - noooo!

Here are some of the ones that are just too special to let go so room will just have to be found.

my first cash register - if only a trip to the supermarket cost $3.95 these days

feminists look away - i was so excited with my carpet sweeper back in the day

I had forgotten how lovely this cardboard 'preschool alphabet' is - definitely a great decorator item to keep


Spin Spin said...

Oh, you just reminded me of my mini supermarket toys, complete with pretent tin cans, shopping trolley and more! Ahhh, children's toys :)

Lyssy May said...

Supermarket toys - how cute! I think playing shops was one of my favourite games and I can't believe I can do it for real these days!