Sunday, November 29, 2009

All in the family

There's always lots to be done at Lyssy May so I was very lucky to have a helping hand from my cousin's daughter, Olivia, seen here stamping carry bags for my market stalls. Olivia's love of art and craft knows no bounds and she was very thorough in sorting buttons, threading beads and tracing appliques needed for Christmas orders. She said she had a fun day helping and I had equally as much fun sharing some time with someone who loves creating things as much as I did at her age. Thanks Olivia!


Thea said...

What an adorable assistant! Good luck with the market. x

Nicole said...

Gorgeous assistant Alyssa and so lovely to have help with the little things that bring everything together!

House and Doll said...

The more hands the merrier I say. Your adorable bags turned up today, thanks Alyssa.