Friday, August 15, 2008

Where's Lyssy?

Whilst I would like to say I haven't written in over a week because I was buried in fabrics and tied to my sewing machine I must confess I was sitting on a deck and taking in this view for a few days (that's the Whitsunday Islands you can see out on the horizon - apparently this is what winter looks like in North Queensland!). Good news is that I am now back in Brisbane and ready to pull together some new designs which will soon be launched to celebrate spring. It is going to be a busy few months ahead for Lyssy May and I have some big news to share in the next few days which is incredibly exciting!


Alarna Zinn said...

Hi Alyssa

That view looks stunning - lucky you! The Think Pink party photos look great, was a really good afternoon.

Look forward to hearing more about your exciting news!

mygirl said...

WOW! No wonder you didnt want to come home. What a view! Is that your mum and dads deck??

Alyssa said...

Thanks Alarna - I really appreciated you coming along and for your kind donation to the prizes!

Shannon - yep that is the view from the upstairs deck. I was snoozing in the sun but opened my eyes long enough to take the picture! The room I stayed in is downstairs and I could still see the water from my pillow in the morning - it was good of them to retire to paradise for me to excape to!!