Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Clever Blossom

I had a fun time in Melbourne - despite the chilly temps! Last week the local news here in Brisbane was talking up the 'arctic blasts' were were experiencing. All I can say is move a bit closer to the Antarctic and you will soon experience what that truly means (but I think that was more my Qld bones being a little sensitive as the locals weren't overally phased).

One of the highlights was visiting the beautiful Life In Style trade fair at Flemington. I have always wanted to visit one of these events and wasn't disappointed. It was great to see Erin from Blossom Creations exhibiting there (one of her napkins pictured above). We were both in the Springboard program together and I am so impressed with not only her commitment to her design work but also to creating sustainable products.

Other news from the fair is that owls, birds, deers and babushkas are dominating giftware and children's design. So expect to see them on the shelves for a while to come and I can't say I am disappointed as they are just so gorgeous.

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blossom creations said...

Thank you Alyssa! So sweet. It was great to see you there. Thanks and good luck for your big adventure :)