Monday, July 7, 2008

Wendy Susan Hat

One day at Lyssy May some beautiful designer pieces started to arrive in honour of the upcoming Think Pink Party. The first such piece is by hat designer Candice Herne and will be auctioned on the day. The work and style woven into this stunning piece has to be seen in person to be appreciated! Candice has also created a beautiful box for the hat and has signed inside the lid where there is a record of her inspiration for the design (her 2 friends, Wendy and Susan who have both survived cancer) as well the occasion for which it was created... just too special for words.


Candice Herne said...

Thanks Alyssa for giving me the opportunity to participate in this worthy event it has given me direction and a renewed sense of purpose. love Candyxx

mygirl said...

Wow looks fantastic. Getting close now,cant wait it's gunna be so much fun and such a worthy cause. By the way is it ok if I bring along 3 extra pink lil' gals. They are getting into to the whole build up of it all too! . If not TOTALLY understand if you don't want kiddies round

Alyssa said...

Candy - you are more than welcome!

Shannon - Your 3 Little Misses are very welcome at Lyssy May! Looking forward to seeing you all there. x