Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Truly Tickled Pink

One day at Lyssy May they came, they ate cupcakes, they laughed, they made new friends, they wore pink and they helped raise $1419.75 for the Kim Walters Choices Program!

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to Lyssy May's Think Pink Party. It was such a special day and as I surveyed the crowd in my small store (who weren't at all phased by standing shoulder to shoulder) I felt very humbled by the support that was given to the event. Another thank you to all the wonderful designers and businesses who devoted their time and products to make the day such a success.

As you can see its taken me a while to get back into blogland but I am now returning to normal programming after a big fortnight so I will be back here on a more regular basis.

Here are some pics of the day...
Pink refreshments!

Gorgeous girls in pink - Celina, Deb, Madeleine, Jodie & Shelley (front)

Relaxing alfresco style in Morningside! Chrys, Yvonne & Yeshim

A-Class Gals - Anna and Arabella.

Thea even screen printed pink cupcake tea towels for the occasion!

Shannon was a raffle-ticket-selling-machine! Here she is (above) with two of her cupcake fairy helpers - Ursula & Finlay....and with all 3 inspirations for her My Girl brand below with Ocearna standing next to her Mum and wearing a beautiful Candice Herne fascinator. Thanks Shannon for all your help on the day and leading up to it.

Talented and inspirational people abounded in the crowd - including Aprille, Julia and Rebecca!

Angie was an Angel helping me out and Sonia was a Stunner as our auctioneer!

And finally - here's me. So happy that everyone is enjoying themselves. Thanks again for coming along and helping us raise money for the Kim Walters Choices Program which does amazing work supporting women who have undergone a diagnosis of breast or gynaecological cancer.


djbebe said...

Looks like it was a fabulous day - I'm sorry I missed it!

Thea said...

Alyssa, you did an amazing job - it was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

mygirl said...

Oh my goodness what do I say. I will treasure these photo's
Thank you for everything Lys;)

Anonymous said...

You are a fabulous little thing, aren't you! It looks wonderful.

Alyssa said...

Thanks for your comments ladies! After putting back everything in its usual spot I still can't believe how many people managed to fit in!

* ANISE Consulting * said...

It was a brilliant event & I love my pink pack prize!
I just posted the photos from images magazine on my blog - probably copyright though!
Enjoy your short trip.