Friday, April 4, 2008

Tickled Pink

One of the most dangerous things in having a shop combined with my work area is that there are lots of things to distract me when I am in the mood for a bit of procrastinating - particularly rearranging displays. Back when I worked from home the distraction was generally Oprah or the Bold and the Beautiful so I guess I have moved up a notch in the relevance to the task at hand (although an average day at Forester Creations has definitely prepared me for the real world of running a fashion house - or not).

So on Tuesday I was halfway through making a bag when I decide that I need to change my window display - and that this must be done straight away, immediately, now. So with my machine still running I dug out the step ladder and got to work.

This week I am in a bit of a pink mood so I have featured some of the fabulous work of Shannon of My Girl in the window. Her gorgeous creations have been a wonderful addition to the range of products at Lyssy May and pictured are some of her modified singlets along with some other pretty items that I stock, like childrens hats and one of my Little Miss designs. I also used a picnic basket to display a new scarf that has just arrived as part of a range by Judy of Toowoomba (more on her scarves in entries to come).

Hmm, I did say its a dangerous thing but working on displays is also one of the best things about working from a shop too...except maybe for the daily dusting.

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