Saturday, February 4, 2012

New lease of life

So excited! This gorgeous bird was canvas worked in wool by my Grandmother in the 70's for my mother. It has always been in my family home in a gold frame that was 'of it's time' but as a housewarming gift I have been fortunate to find it now in my little home with a brand new frame. It has a new lease of life that allows the bird to dance in it's vibrant colours dance once more.

Framing by Graphic Impressions Hawthorn - who I may say have the most stunning range of mirrors too.


Rie said...

Love that bird, the frame really suits it! And I agree about the framers, my hubby bought home a mirror he purchased from there.... the mirror is fab!

Lyssy May said...

Thanks Rie! I do love their mirrors. I have my eye on an art deco style to go over my mantle piece!