Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunny Sunday

It's been a gorgeous winter's afternoon so I have indulged in spending some time in a little suntrap in my lounge room with a cup of tea and some mags and thought I should inspect my plants on the balcony. I am very impressed with the progress of my mint which was suffering from frosty mornings. The solution to use a wooden crate turned on its side to give it a little hidey hole has worked a treat!

I hope you are feeling relaxed and ready for the week ahead. It will be a busy one at the sewing machine for Lyssy May. x


Nicole said...

that looks like the perfect spot to sit sipping tea and enjoying magazines x
Love the solution for the mint - it is looking very healthy!

Lyssy May said...

Thanks Nicole. Yes, it is a fave spot when its sunny!

Pervaiz said...

I visit your blog first time.