Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If you liked it..

...then you shoulda put a pin in it.. Don't you just love the effect of a pin/cork/inspiration board when it details bits and pieces of stories, some important and some trivial? I thought this week I might 'zoom in' on something different from the board for the next few posts. My board sits over my sewing machine so my eyes can rove over different memories and things that are on the 'to do' list during moments of procrastination.

First up is this dear little piece of canvas work. I used to sell these as pincushions/door hangings when I had my first craft stall when I left school. I think she would definitely have been created around 17 years ago!! Lately she reminded me how much I love canvas and tapestry work so I have embarked on a big project which I will share when I have more to show.


clare said...

Loving your pin board! waiting to see what you share next. I might just steal your idea and share my pin board on my blog. ;0)

Lyssy May said...

Go for it Clare - I would love to see what is on your board!