Thursday, July 23, 2009

She's alive!

For those who have wondered where on earth is Lyssy May - well I haven't been doing anything exciting or glamorous. My time has been predominantly devoted to taking lots of days 'out of circulation' to endure a second flu this winter (for Brisbanites take an Ekka flu and times it by 10!). I have then been spending the remainder of my time wondering how I will be setting up my stand at next week's life instyle trade fair.

I have been very lucky to enlist the help and vision of Laura and Jem from Like Butter who have brought my 'shopper girl' from the lyssymay logo to life to keep me company during the fair (she's my height and it's a little freaky!). The talented Like Butter duo are also helping me with some other pieces for my stand so I am looking forward to sharing with you how it all comes together.
Big decisions - how to paint and decorate my new friend!

Being able to collaborate and draw on the skills of other designers is definitely one of the things I am loving most about Ironside Studios.


mygirl said...

She is just gorgeous,well done, so wish I could have come down and hung out and helped ya at the L-I-S.
Simone is heading down for it.
Hopefully soon hey, been thinking of ya lots and wondering what ya up to, miss ya xx

Nicole said...

She looks great Alyssa!!

Thea said...

Oooh, I am so jealous of your gorgeous cut-out. I think you should paint her to look the same as she is on your website. Then she will have come "to life".
Can't wait to see your display; unfortunately I can't see it in person.

Spin Spin said...

Those guys never take a break, right? And aren't we so glad :) Hope to see you this week, you'll be amazing!

House and Doll said...

This is very exciting.

Candice Herne said...

Hope your feeling alot better we here have also been visited by gate crashing viruses and it has been hard to get them to leave. It amazes me what we can still achieve when we feel like absolute shit!Your amazing Alyssa and your cut out cool, have fun decorating her and hope you sell heaps at the show. Candyxx