Friday, January 2, 2009

Holidays stitched up

I am currently on a 'break' but there is always sewing to do and I love to take on special projects when my mind is clear and there are no time pressures . I have extra special bags to make for the fabulous Petrina who is getting married this year (she is replacing the traditional floral bouquet with handbags - a girl after my own heart!!). As it is a bit extreme to take my sewing machine away on a plane I am making use of the beautiful one above where I am staying. It is a Singer that is older than me (ie. 30 +) and is stamped with the words "Made in Great Britain" which warms my heart as much as it does to see something that is "Made in Australia" as they are words that are no longer synomous with things like sewing machines let alone clothes etc. Despite having just a straight stitch or a zig zag option it beautiful to sew with as it is so sturdy and steadily hums away as I concentrate on creating something memorable for Trina's big day.

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