Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back in my old hood...

On Sunday I took a road trip up to Toowoomba to visit family and I also had the chance to swing by my friend Sally (of djbebe) and visit her market stall at the Queen's Park Craft markets. I found Sal sheltering from a crazy cold wind along with her crafting buddy Carly on their combined stall (above). Their gorgeous wares were miraculously not being blown all over the park! I noted some treats that I am hoping will make their way to Lyssy May's shelves this week - so stay tuned.

The Queen's Park markets is where it all started for me in December 1993 - I had some rag dolls and a few other odds and ends and it was definitely when I caught the bug for selling my handmade things. It was a nice moment to see my friend also starting out selling directly there - go Sally!

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djbebe said...

The photo really doesn't capture how crazy cold it was! Thanks for dropping by.